Saturday, June 25, 2011

POW! We Interrupt this program for an important announcement.

After careful consideration, we have decided to postpone the official launch of To The Batpoles until September 5th.

There are several reasons for this last minute schedule change, the most important being a desire to involve additional contributors to help this blog live up to the standard set by the Thriller and Outer Limits blogs that preceded it.

Additionally, this change aligns this latest effort with the first anniversary of A Thriller A Day, without which none of us would be here now.

We apologize to those of you looking forward to a summer of Batman—we'll do our best to ensure the resulting blog was worth the wait!

John Scoleri & Peter Enfantino

P.S. In the mean time, you might consider checking out our other new blog, Marvel University, in which we work our way through the Marvel Universe of the 1960s one month at a time.


  1. Holy Summer Bummer! Have the Dynamic Duo finally been thwarted? This seems to be the work of some nefarious criminal mind. Perhaps there is a clue in this post.

    Hmm. Let's see. John & Peter want us to check out their new blog, "Marvel University." It could be a clue. Marvel means to in Boy Wonder...and Marvel is well known for their comic books, so when you put it together, you have comic book boy wonder. Hmm....University. Professors work in a university. THAT'S IT! This is the work of that evil plotter, Comic Book Boy, and his diabolical gang of henchmen, The Professors. I think they're hiding out over at the MU blog. You won't get away with this, Comic Book Boy!

    Has Marvel triumphed over DC Comics again? Will our plucky crime fighters really be back in September? Stay tuned to find out. Same bat time. Same bat blog.

  2. *** Topics we hope you'll tackle. ***

    What made Batman -- as opposed to other superheroes -- the one to make it onto TV in the mid-60's?

    Why did it start in January '66? Mid-season replacement for what?

    What influence did Susan Sontag's Notes On Camp have on the show's producers & writers?

    What influence did Warhol & pop-art have on the show's producers & writers?

    The Mad Magazine send-up (including, but not limited to, that famous poke at the end about how intellectuals had been hoodwinked by Camp as a response to the "serious" TV of the early 60's).

    What other actors (we might recognize) tried out for the lead roles? I'm half-expecting a Monkees-like urban legend that Charles Manson tried out for the role of Robin (or Aunt Harriet).

    How well/poorly were West & Ward paid relative to their peers? How far into syndication did they get residuals?

    We recall a radio interview that Adam West did in 1989 at the time of Burton's 1st Batman outing, in which he vigorously championed the injustice of anyone other than himself portraying the character. Yes, Adam West thought that he was silver-screen material and could hold his own against Jack Nicholson. Can anyone research the Adam West interview chronicles and figure out when he recovered his sanity?

    20th Century Fox was going through traumatic times in the 1960's. How, if at all, did this help or hurt the Batman TV show?

    Maybe a little discussion on technologies proffered on the series that have since come to pass (like Star Trek's communicators becoming today's cell phones) ... or failed (i.e., the BatMobile's turbine engines were the wave of the future in the early 60's, yet eventually did not make it far in the marketplace. Why?).

  3. Hey guys! I have been involved with moving stuff from Nova Scotia to Florida and was unhappy that I had missed the Batman-a-day, but seeing that it's pushed back is great news!

    I will be a loyal visitor and contributor!

  4. I'm so almost there - and the time from June to September has never passed more quickly, or well!