Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Batscholar on Episodes 63 & 64

By Joel Eisner

In an attempt to attract more teenagers to the show, the producers use Catwoman and her new voice eraser on visiting rock singers. Chad and Jeremy.

Masquerading as a new singing group, Catwoman and her gang are able to get close enough to the singing duo to steal their voices and then hold them for randsom from the British Government. When the Brits refuse to pay, Batman comes to the rescue.

Far fetched and a bit on the bizzare side, when Catwoman disguised as Miss Klutz from Duncan's Dance studio (run by Joe Flynn, formerly from Mchale's Navy) arrives at Wayne Manor to give Dick a free dance lesson, no one recognizes her.

Actress Julie Newmar: “I remember that we did that scene in the manor late at night, and they rushed the damned scene as they always did. They never gave you a chance to do anything. You had one take, and you had to do it on that show. All I got was $1,250 a show, and there are no residuals when they play it over and over.” ($2,500 per two parter).
In order to cover the costs of the extra guest stars, Catwoman's gang were relative unknowns. Sharyn Wynters had a few roles in the 1960's and 70's and then disappeared. Tom Castronova, has a long career on tv and in films but in small roles. He had a recurring on role on Taxi, but he is better known as TJ Castronova, the producer of the Tales from the Darkside TV series.

Chuck Henderson was a regular on the 1960 Manhunt tv series. He disappeared after this episode. Ric Roman appeared on most of the westerns and drama shows in the 1950's and 1960's. He also appeared twice on the Adventures of Superman. He died in 2000 at age 83.

Of more importance was Maurice Dallimore as the British consul, he was the British delegate in the Batman movie. Comedian/host Steve Allen and singer Don Ho (window cameo) appear in this episode. Judy Strangis later of Elektra Woman and Dynagirl, is the sister of production manager and series director Sam Strangis.

Hairstylist and part time actor Jay Sebring, appears as Mr Oceanbring. Sebring used to be William Dozier's hairstylist. It was Sebring, who introduced Dozier to Bruce Lee, which is how he became involved with the Green Hornet. Sebring was murdered along with Sharon Tate by Charles Manson.

Not the best catwoman episode but certainly not the worst. Next up The Puzzler aka Maurice Evans and a guest appearance by Santa Claus!


  1. I can stretch my imagination with Batman quite a bit. Years of being entertained by dynacism of West and Ward do that.
    However, I cannot stretch my imagination to take the double-POW, WHAMMY of Chad and Jeremy being called "rock singers."
    Physics still applies to some bits of 60s pop culture. Like gravity and the apple, Chad and Jeremy is one of those areas.

  2. Sharyn Wynters apparently went on to a signing career (which was still going on at least as of March, 2013.) See

  3. Chad and Jeremy were definitely not rock, but they were pretty funny in the episode. Especially Chad, I think it was the BCG (Birth Control Glasses).